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Here are just a few of the attorneys and law firms growing their practice with Avvo Websites.

Dixon Law Firm

Dixon Law Firm, LLC

Based in Denver, Colorado, attorney Christina Dixon practices business and insurance litigation.

Edward Yun & Associates

The attorneys of Edward Yun & Associates are employment law specialists in Los Angeles, California.

Bachand & Bachand, LLC

The attorneys of Bachand & Bachand, LLC specialize in personal injury, family law, immigration, and criminal defense in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Barrera Legal Group

Barrera Legal Group represents clients in immigration, criminal defense, personal injury, and family law cases across the greater Seattle, Washington area.

Mohave Law PLLC

Arizona's Mohave Law PLLC specializes in the areas of wrongful death, accident and injury, medical malpractice, bankruptcy, and civil litigation.

Leslie Legal Group

Leslie Legal Group, located in Carlsbad, California, specializes in bankruptcy, criminal defense, personal injury, and estate planning.

Howie Law Office

The Howie Law Office specializes in DWI defense in the state of New Hampshire.

The Goldberg Legal Group

The Goldberg Legal Group represents clients in divorce and family law cases in Orange County, California.

Elke & Merchant LLP

Attorneys at Elke & Merchant LLP are dedicated to protecting tenant rights in the San Francisco, California area.

Cramer Legal, LLC

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, Cramer Legal, LLC attorneys specialize in tax, small business, and bankruptcy laws.

The Tobin Law Firm

The Tobin Law Firm specializes in investment law, including securities sales fraud and stockbroker misconduct, in the Washington, D.C. metro area.

Diaspora Law

Diaspora Law attorneys specialize in U.S. immigration law and have offices in New Jersey, Virginia, and Pensylvannia.

Metzler Timm Treleven Pahl Beck, S.C.

The attorneys at Metzler Timm Treleven Pahl Beck, S.C. specialize in business, family, and real estate law in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Hall Doyon Law Group

Jane Beaumont Hall is an estate planning attorney in Santa Monica, California.

Joseph E. Maloney

Auburn, California attorney Joseph E. Maloney represents workers in employment disputes.

The Law Offices of Patrick X. Amoresano

Patrick X. Amoresano is a New Jersey personal injury attorney.

The Law Office of J. Clay McCaslin

J. Clay McCaslin is a Portland, Oregon attorney specializing in personal injury cases, business law, insurance disputes, and criminal defense.

Trevino Immigration Law

Trevino Immigration Law specializes in U.S. immigration and visa laws in San Antonio, Texas.

The Law Offices of Colleen M. Glenn, P.A.

Colleen M. Glenn, P.A. is a criminal defense attorney in Bradenton, Florida.

Durflinger Oliver & Associates, P.S.

Durflinger Oliver & Associates P.S. specializes in criminal defense and injury cases in Tacoma, Washington.

Timothy J. Mummert, P.A.

Timothy J. Mummert P.A. is a bankruptcy law attorney in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

The O'Brien Law Firm

The Hampton Roads, Virginia attorneys of the O'Brien Law Firm specialize in the areas of military, family, juvenile, and criminal law.

Lawrence M. Malman, P.A.

Coral Gables, Florida attorney Lawrence M. Malman, P.A. specializes in personal injury, social security, and workers' compensation.

The Law Office of Glen E. Hazen, Jr.

Glen E. Hazen, Jr. represents clients in divorce, family law, and personal injury cases in Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

The Law Offices of Seth M. Goldberg

Attorney Seth M. Goldberg focuses his Valencia, California practice on estate planning, business and corporate law, employment discrimination, and contract law.

Pascaris Law Firm, PLLC

Thomas D. Pascaris, Esq. is a Farmington, Michigan attorney specializing in bankruptcy, business, divorce, wills, and estate planning.

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