Avvo Ignite Suite Customer Stories

Whether you’re a solo practitioner or with a multiple-attorney firm, Avvo Ignite Suite gives busy attorneys like you the platform to run your firm like a successful business.

Learn more about how these attorneys are all using Avvo Ignite.

Linda Callahan
Avvo Ignite's contact management and automated follow up system saves me a ton of time and helps me close more leads. It also gives me the information I need to make smart decisions about where to spend my advertising dollars. It's been a game-changer for my practice, helping me efficiently turn leads into clients, giving me tools that allow me to be super responsive to leads directly from my tablet and smart phone, and ensuring that every lead is contacted quickly and followed up upon appropriately.

- Linda Callahan, Callahan Law

Avvo Ignite Suite was exactly what our firm was looking for – conversion tracking, contact management, marketing analytics and reporting, all in one solution.

- Jessica Anvar, Consumer Law Experts, PC

Avvo Ignite makes it easy to handle our high volume of leads. No longer do we have to ask people where they find us, or worry about losing track of a lead. The entire process is manageable, and most important, scalable. As we continue to grow, we’re confident Avvo Ignite will grow with us.

- Dan Ross, Ross Law Group

Avvo Ignite Suite has already paid for itself in the fact that we will never lose any leads again.

- Rick Moore, The Moore Law Group

When I learned about the features offered by Avvo Ignite Suite, I jumped at the chance to try out the beta version. Avvo Ignite pulls together data that previously required hours to compile from Google Analytics, phone bills and client management software. Others offer similar services, but none are as tailored for law firm applications nor as broad in their scope of information and analysis. The set up on our end was nominal and the dashboard is very intuitive, minimizing the time needed to train members of the firm. This is a great service which we will utilize extensively when making marketing decisions.

- Linda J. Chalat, Chalat Hatten & Koupal PC

I’m actively using Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media websites to market my practice to prospective clients. Using Avvo Ignite Suite has allowed me to gain a greater understanding of where my clients are actually coming from and make the appropriate adjustments.

- Carl Shusterman, Law Offices of Carl Shusterman