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Stephen Fairley

Hosted by:

CEO of the Rainmaker Institute

Top 15 Ways to Dramatically Increase Your Intake and Lead Conversion

May 8th, 2014 at 10:00am PST to 11:00am PST
This webinar covers topics in Call Tracking, Client Conversion

Law firms spend billions every year on generating more leads, but pay little attention to how to convert more of those leads into paying clients. Listen in as nationally recognized lead conversion expert Stephen Fairley shares with you best practices in intake and lead conversion from some of the nation’s fastest growing law firms.

You will discover:

– Why you should never have an attorney answer the phone
- How long it takes for a lead to go from hot to cold
- Case study of a law firm who tripled their conversion rate in 90 days
- 3 goals for your call with every new lead
- 5 specific strategies to convert more leads into appointments
- 3 best ways to get more of your appointments to show up
- 4 tactics for signing up more of your leads at the initial consultation
- How many times your team should follow up with a lead for maximum conversion

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